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At Real Swing Golf, our teaching philosophy is what sets us apart. We believe that the golf swing - defined by how you swing your clubhead - is easy to learn. Our teaching methods are the ultimate in simplicity.

The Real Swing Golf Method® of learning golf is based on two simple skills that are the foundation for hitting great golf shots. This is then complemented by our S.P.G Foundations Program (Stance, Postion, Grip) for improving bio-mechanical technique.

Phase 1:  Clubhead Skill Development

The first skill is a consistent “real swing” defined by the clubhead swinging freely, fluidly, and fast through the impact area.  Most people are able to learn this skill in about 20 minutes!!!

The second skill involves acquiring a highly developed sense of “feel” for the clubhead’s “heavy feeling” circular path as it swings around you so you will be able to strike the ball on the centre of the club-face consistently.

For the foundation of your golf swing, we help you develop skill with the only thing that actually has any effect on the ball: the clubhead.  As you develop these two critical “foundation” skills, you will achieve a consistency you never thought was possible!

To attest to that fact, here is an unsolicited testimonial from a gentleman from the UK who was at the point of quitting golf after many years of trying to improve. In a 'last resort' search on YouTube for something to help him, he discovered the
LearnTheRealSwing YouTube channel and watched some videos.

After coming to discover that the clubhead — and your awareness of it — is all that really matters, it looks like he has changed his mind about 'giving up the game'…

"Hi Ron

Greetings from the UK.

I stumbled on your YouTube videos in truth as a bit of a last resort.
I've been pretty close to giving up the game, I have studied it so
hard to the point of madness. Of course I've read every book from
Hogan and beyond and had completely fallen for the 'it's all about body
mechanics' story. I'm 40 years old, and you believe the experts don't
you? Had my first lesson maybe 15 years ago, it's been that long that
I've been on my body mechanics journey.

Learning that way, nothing lasts long, so I have always ended up back
at the beginning again. I really didn't know what to do. How could I
still be so inconsistent? How can I still not be able to play this
game after all these years!

I watched your video. And then I watched it again.

And you know what, in my whole entire golf life, I had never given one
thought to the clubhead. The one thing that makes contact with the
ball, years and years of playing, practicing, reading, studying, club
buying, club fitting, video watching etc., etc., and I had never thought
to think where the clubhead was during my swing.

So I've tried it. You won't be surprised to know it worked. Pitching
wedge. 7 iron. I'm playing my first round tomorrow. I can't actually
believe I've played all these years and never thought to focus on the

Did you know I've never been able to hit a 7 iron? I laughed today
when I realized there's not even much difference in length from
pitching wedge to 7 iron. Today I hit fifteen 7 iron shots in a row
straight, and I could hit different distances too.

I'm finished forever with body mechanics golf. All I'll ever do is
relax and focus on the clubhead.

Thanks Ron. You are on to something seriously good here. It's golf
made simple.


PS, yes, I'm trying your happy gilmore shots too :-)

Lee Healey

For a quick ten minute overview of the basic concepts of the Real Swing Golf Method®, watch the following video...

 Phase 2:  Swing Biomechanics

At Real Swing Golf, our  S.P.G. Foundations Program (Stance, Position, Grip) for improving bio-mechanical technique helps you maintain your sense of clubhead awareness as you fine tune your swing.  In Phase 1, we help you make subtle adjustments to your technique so there is no detrimental effect on the development of your two clubhead skills. 

In Phase 2, once you have a solid foundation of clubhead skill, we work with you at your own pace and according to your goals of changing your bio-mechanical swing technique.  Whether you want to make small changes or an in depth technique change with the help of video analysis, we can coach you through the entire process so your game consistently improves without “getting worse before you get better."

Our Guarantee

We're not just confident that you'll improve with the Real Swing Golf Method®, we guarantee it! If you aren't hitting longer, straighter shots and swinging better than you ever have after your first lesson, keep your money!!! You've got nothing to lose - except strokes from your score!

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