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Personalized Skype or Apple FaceTime Online Video Coaching!!!


"I had lessons with you in person and I'd like to have more…"


"You no longer live in Calgary…" [Our family has relocated to the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada]

"I saw your YouTube videos and I'm improving but I know I would learn much faster if I could have lessons with you in person…"

"I purchased one of your Instruction Videos and you method is really helping me. I have a question regarding ___________ and I know you would know the answer and be able to help me…"


"Canada is waaaay too far away…"

"Buy my Videos/take lessons from me/watch my YouTube videos and you'll hit it long and straight EVERY TIME!!!"  "You will improve INSTANTLY and knock 20 strokes off your score!!!"  "Just send in 5 EASY payments of….. blah, blah, blah….."

Now I could make silly claims like these, that you'll often hear on infomercials, but I don't want to insult your intelligence.  Not even the best players in the world can hit it long and straight "EVERY time" —  just watch the PGA or the LPGA tour on television!  

Your scores will likely come down but by how much and how quickly is difficult to predict.  This I do know:  If you understand and apply the principles and concepts of Real Swing Golf Method® correctly and consistently –
yes you will need regular practice – you cannot help but improve.

For many golfers who purchase Real Swing Golf Instruction Videos, or glean what they can from the
LearnTheRealSwing Youtube Channel, the application of the concepts clicks right away.  For some, it may take a little longer before they are on their way to consistent improvement.  For a few, something isn't quite working or, as is often the case, there is a misunderstanding of a concept which of course leads to an improper execution of that concept.  Sometimes, old, incorrect swing ideas that were the basis of your original attempts to learn how to swing – "Keep your head still," "Keep your left arm straight," "Don't sway," etc... – are still stuck in your head, preventing you from developing the Critical Clubhead Skills that are the heart of the Real Swing Golf Method®.
Whatever the difficulty, wouldn't it be great if you could get my help directly?  Wouldn't it be nice to have personal, one on one coaching to help you understand and apply the principles of the Real Swing Golf Method®? (After all, as the innovator of the Real Swing Golf Method® with 30 years of full time teaching experience, I can help fast track your understanding and application of the concepts.)  

Well, thanks to the wonders of modern video calling, now you can!


One Hour Session - $122 US

You know what they say...  "Practice makes perfect!"
Unfortunately, this is not exactly true.  The truth is "Practice makes permanent!"  Practice simply reinforces and ingrains whatever you are practicing.  In other words, practice will make you "good at" whatever you are doing so in reality, your practice will inevitably produce one of two possible outcomes:
Outcome Number 1:  If you are practicing correctly, your practice is worthwhile and will help you ingrain and reinforce good swing habits.

Outcome Number 2:  If you are practicing incorrectly, you are getting "better" at practicing incorrectly, thereby ingraining and reinforcing bad swing habits!

If you would prefer outcome number 1, a single hour with me can be invaluable.  Remember... Only perfect practice can make perfect!  I can make sure that you are swinging correctly and on the right track to developing good swing habits!


Custom Coaching Package - $333 US

If you really want to ensure a solid foundation for continuous long term improvement, you will want to invest in my Custom Coaching Package!
This package includes:


Topics include:

  • Fully understanding the Real Swing and the Mental Obstacles or "Mental Misperceptions" that can stand in your way.
  • How rediscovering and embracing your "original learning mentality" remember, the one you had when you were between the ages of 2 and 5? can make golf's learning process change from "furiously frustrating and glacially slooow" to "fantastically fun and unbelievably fast!"
  • A deeper understanding of the 3rd "R" Reflection and what I call "The Four Point Reflection Checklist."  Armed with this knowledge, you will be able pinpoint the actual real causes of your ineffective* results (which are almost never about swing mechanics) and be able to get back on track quickly and efficiently.  (*There are no "bad" shots in Real Swing Golf.)
  • A complete and full understanding of ball flight: You will come to understand how your alignment, swing path, and the club face's angle at impact relative to your swing path and alignment create the ball flight you see.  You will then be able to understand that an outside-in swing path never has and never will "cause" a slice. You will know how to fix your ball flight (if you have a slice or hook you can't seem to get rid of) and create the type of shot curvature* that you desire.  ("A perfectly straight shot with no curvature is an accident."  - Ben Hogan    *No, you don't want to learn how to "hit it straight," since that is impossible.  Yes, you do want to develop a shot curvature.)


Let's say you've learned the Real Swing and all is well when suddenly, something goes wrong and after several earnest attempts, you just can't seem to fix it.  You could spend another $122 for an hour-long session with me to get things figured out... Or just use one of your 5 Ten Minute Tune Ups.  I can't count the number of times that a past student comes back for what I call a "rescue lesson" – usually necessary because they saw this great "tip" on TV and got messed up "trying it out."  These "rescues" would usually progress something like this:

  • Minute 1...  The real problem is diagnosed.  (Usually something simple like excess tension.)
  • Minutes 2 through 3... The problem is explained.
  • Minutes 4 through 10... The student gets back on track and is swinging and hitting the ball as well as they ever have.  Now we have a bunch of extra instruction time that wasn't really necessary!

You may use these extra 50 minutes of instruction time in whatever fashion you wish.  You can use them as they are intended:  as 5 individual 10 minute "quick fix" sessions.  You can put them all together as one 50 minute session.  Or you can break them up into whatever combination of multiples of 10 minutes that you desire.  The choice is yours...



If you have already purchased 1 session for $122, you can always upgrade to the Custom Coaching Package to get the remaining two one hour sessions and the 5 "Ten Minute Tune Up" Sessions.  Just pay the difference of $211!


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